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Monday, February 20, 2017

Quick Recap (2015/2016)

Wow it's been a while I've been here...

But things have been done...

July to September 2015:
On an off on the post-production and mixing in Paris of "In The Last days of the city" with Mikael Barre at Actarus Studio then the final mix was Finished at Commune Image.

October- November 2015:
 Finished 3 different projects before a filming trip to chad.
 Sound Design of "Twice upon a time" by Niam Itani, that won best documentary at the Beirut Film Festival.
Sound Design "DEUS EX MACHINA" by Lynn Kodeih, for her project with Rami Sabagh for Achkal alwan.
Sound Design on "Now: End of season" by Ayman Nahle for Ashkal alwan.

Jan 2016:
 Was Fun, working with Mazen Khaled on his "Petty Bourgeois Dream" Which was mixed in Paris by Mikael Barre in Last 2 weeks of February.
While the second week of Feb. I was in Berlin for the World premiere of "In the Last days of the city" by Tamer el Said.

March-April 2016:
 Was the Kalash month, Working on the short of Bashir Abou Zeid: Kalash
 A second shooting trip in Chad.
 Sound design and mix for "Temple of light by Nigol Bezjian.

June-July 2016:
 a variety of small projects...

 1st part of Sound Process For Obscure, a documentary by Soudade Kaadan
 Sound Design and mix for the Artistic Documentary of Haig Ayvazian Called: Not Every day is Spring. Screened at Expanded forum at the Berlinale

September 2016:
 Prep and Shoot of Tshweesh a short Fiction by Feyrouz Serhal.

 Filming in Japan November:

December 2016:
 Sound Design And Mix of the Feature Documentary of Eliane El Raheb "Those who remain", Won best documentary in Dubai Film Festival.

Jan 2016:
Mixing of "Those who Remain" by Eliane El Raheb. Feb 2016 WIP: Sound design of "Tshweesh" by Feyrouz Serhal.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 2015

Well Long Time Have Past with no updates!
But Things have been done... here it is... in short...
Trying to arrange chronologically, while many overlapping occurred...
But that's the soul of the update; Organised Chaos.

To begin;
I was honoured by "Talents Beirut" To be part of the Jury of this year's selections. And that just happened few days ago in Beirut.
Good luck to all the participant, and those who didn't get accepted, please work hard and present next year!

June 2015:
- I'm now in Cairo Finalising the Sound Design of the Feature "Last Days of the City"

February - March - April - May 2015:
- Finalising, Mixing of the Feature "The Road" by Rana Salem. Which was selected in the main competition of the Moscow film festival.
- a Couple of shoots for pilots, and Trailers I wont talk about.
- 2 web ads. Production and post production.
- 2 TV ads. Production only

January 2015:
- Finalizing and mixing "Trip Along Exodus" By Hind Shoufani, A poetic documentary about a girl, a father and Palestine. Sound Designed by Jawad Nawfal.
(Touring many Festivals now... )

November - December 2014
- Cairo - "Last Days of The City" - Work in Progress - Design and temp mixes

July - August - October 2014
- Sound Recording, Editing, Designing and Mixing for the feature documentary : "Diaries of a flying dog" by Bassem Fayad, and produced by Jad Abi Khalil. (Trailer)
- Started Sound Editing of "The Road", by Rana Salem.

September 2014: prod sound
Shooting of a feature; "Single, married, divorced" or "Yalla 3a2belkoun"
Written And produced By Nibal Arakji and directed by Elie Khalifeh.
The Movie made it in theatres end January and played for a month.

First Half of 2014:
- 4 TVC s And some small post projects
- made 10 sound blankets, for location shoot acoustics; will post pictures soon
- Backups, Updating the station,

Second half of 2013
- post production in Cairo for the feature "Last days of the city" around 6 month
- shoot and post for a short by Rakan Mayasi
- production and post-production on "Transit game" a short by Anna fahr; produced by Ginger Productions & Sepasi films
(Which toured festival world and made Win won in various categories)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Middle of 2013 - update

Feb: Worked on the short of Zalfa Seurat: "Temperature Ideale", produced by Mad 4 Films and Funded by G.R.E.C.
Feb. and March:  8 days of shoot for a documentary directed and produced by Sarah Hatem on the reconstruction of Harissa's "Basilique".

And Since March, I've been working on More TVCs.
Beside the sporadic 1 or 2 days documentaries, corporate, and reports...

Sound designed a 50seconds break in a Video clip.

But my main update is in the equipments - Check my equipments list for more infos.
And updated Protools for Version 10. So I'll have the 11 when it becomes available...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

December 2012

- Post production for "Ismail" a short movie directed by Nora Al Sharif:
   The vimeo before post.
   End of October: Spent 5 days in Jordan to record ambiances and A.D.R.
  November : Delivered a temp mix for the Doha film festival projection.
  December : Finalized the mix.

- Post production for a student short movie by Michael Abi Khalil.

- October: Mixed the concert of the recorded Music ensemble Asil that was done in Masrah el Madina few month before.

- Production sound on a 2 days shoot for a Pepsi TVC  Somewhere in that period; Produced by Clandestino production.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 2012 - Recap -

August 2012:
- Attended a 3 days workshop by TOR for BBC.
 The workshop is for Hostile Environment First Aid Training.
So I got the Paper authorizing me to shoot with BBC in a "hostile Environment".
- 1 day Shoot for a documentary by Diala Kashmar.
- Recorded the Band "Asil" playing live in Masrah el Madina. "Asil" is an ensemble for Arabic Classical Contemporary Music, formed by Mustafa Said.

July 2012:
- 2 days shoot for a report done by Zeina Aboul Hosn for Al jazeera english:
Earth rise- Trashing Lebanon
- 1 day TVC shoot directed by Kousay Hamzeh For Mad for films productions
- 2 days Sound editing and design for a TVC for Mad for Films productions

June 2012:
- Mixed and Designed the Music for a play that's going to be showed in Qatar. The music is composed by Mustafa Said.
- Sound Editing and mixing for Mirna Shbaro's Documentary: (Shot in south Sudan for al Arabia)
- Recorded the sound of an event in Masrah Dawar el shams.

[Got a Shoulder injury from the May shoots, so I refused many production projects for the coming months]

May 2012:
- 1 day shoot for a Pilot: "Valet Paking" Directed by Merass Sadek
- 5 days shoot for the trailer of a movie directed by Rana Salem
- 5 days of shoot for the trailer of the documentary Directed by Elias Moubarak on his uncle: "My uncle the terrorist"

February 2012:
- Finished designing Damoun Ghaoui's movie
- 3 weeks in Egypt where I was preparing for the Post production of " Last days of the city" project.

January 2012:
- 5 days in Dubai for Bassem Fayad's documentary.
- Recorded V.O. For Bassem Fayad's trailer.
- Recorded V.O. For a documentary by Diala Kashmar.
- Recorded Foley, V.O. and Sound designed Julien Magnan's movie: Past

December 2011:
- Recorded Foley and did the whole sound design on an experimental short movie directed and filmed by Damoun Ghaoui. (Initially shot without sound)
- Recorded sound on Julien Magnan's movie. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

November 2011

A full month in 5 different countries:
Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, U.A.E.
On the production of American Caravan.
Produced by Visionaire Media & Layalina productions
Directed by Jerome Gary

Lovely experience thanks to the excellent cast and the tremendous crew.  :)
And a big up to all those who shared and participated in the doing...